Why hasn’t this book been written sooner?

For nearly two thousand years it remained a mystery. Until this century I don’t think it was possible to interpret this scripture.  It appears to have been a time capsule intended to be opened at this precise time in human history.  Apart from its spiritual significance, this is anthropologically fascinating. Along the lines of the Mayan calendar and the Farmer’s almanac it may answer questions of our day and at the same time evokes profound timeless questions of the universe.  Medical research offers a set of tools to interpret the scripture. And I draw on that toolset in the alternate interpretation made possible by scientific advances. Please join me in opening this time capsule.  I like to think of it in medical terms, a timed-release capsule, a therapy prepared to be delivered at the precise time and location needed.

Posted on: November 17, 2015, by : ellisrevelationrx

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